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Teknos – Timantti Clean

From £28.95
Timantti Clean by Teknos is a semi-matt water-borne acrylate dispersion paint, it contains BioCote® silver phosphate glass antimicrobial technology to preserve the coating surface and prevent colonisation and degradation caused by microbial growth once applied to the intended substrate.

Teknos – Siloksan Anti-Carb

From £24.50
Siloksan Anti-Carb by Teknos is a water-borne acrylate-based permeable paint for concrete. It protects concrete from carbonation caused by carbon dioxide and deterioration caused by moisture.

Mapei – Colorite Beton

Colorite Beton is a semi transparent paint for external walls, made up of non-saponifiable, pure acrylic resin in water dispersion.

Maker Coating – Carbolastex WB

From £28.51
Carbolastex WB is an elastic and waterproof coating based on water dispersed high polymers.