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Corroless – Acothane DW

£70.00 Ex VAT
Acothane DW is a Solvent Free Polyurethane Coating for water tank lining and relining. This product is approved for use in public water supplies. It forms a corrosion and also erosion resistant protective coating for the refurbishment of all types of water and liquid retaining structures. Size: 2L Colour: Grey

Maker Coating – 2100 Aquastop

£86.65 Ex VAT
Stopaq 2100 Aquastop is a compound suited for sealing of pipe or cable wall inlets and hollow spaces against penetration of gases, moisture, standing water and running ground water leaks

Sika – Sikalastic 152

£119.50 Ex VAT
Sikalastic 152 is a 2-component, crack-bridging, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar, with low elastic modulus with special additives for waterproofing and protection of concrete subgrades subject to flexural strain.

Sika – Damp Proofing Slurry

£36.00 Ex VAT
Damp Proofing Slurry by Sika is a one part polymer modified cement based waterproof coating comprising of special cement based components and admixtures.

Mapei – Lamposilex

£19.64 Ex VAT
Mapei - Lamposilex is a ultra fast setting and drying hydraulic binder for plugging water leaks. Use Lamposilex to plug any source of water, even under pressure, in basements, tunnels, subways etc. and for sealing watertight rigid joints in hydraulic concrete structures, sewers, tanks and canals. Where seepage is present Lamposilex must be used before waterproofing with Idrosilex Pronto.

Jotun – Tankguard SF

Tankguard SF is a two component solvent free amine cured phenolic/novolac epoxy coating.

Corroless – ACO Brush Grade

From £19.85
Corroless ACO is a highly specialised, high build, solvent free, two pack polyurethane coating for steel and concrete, for brush application.

PPG – SigmaGuard CSF 585

From £82.26
PPG SigmaGuard CSF 585 is a two component, solvent free, epoxy coating designed for internal coating of tanks, and has been approved for the coating of tanks containing drinking water.

Coo-Var – Dampshield

£111.14 Ex VAT
Coo-Var Dampshield is a two component resin membrane that is tolerant to residual moisture in concrete floors.

Resideck – Epoxy DPM

From £78.00
Resideck Epoxy DPM is a two pack epoxy resin-based primer/coating, which has been developed to function as a moisture suppressant, allowing the early installation of moisture sensitive flooring

Rustoleum – 5130 Damp Surface Primer

£43.50 Ex VAT
5130 Damp Surface Primer epoxy primer for damp surfaces prevents air/moisture blistering on concrete and asphalt.

Mapei – Consolidante ETS WR

£146.56 Ex VAT
Consolidante ETS WR is used on internal and external surfaces to consolidate porous stone materials