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PPG – Sigma EP 159 Sealer

From £57.33
PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer is a two pack epoxy substance that has been pigmented with aluminium to produce a smooth grey finish on a variety of surfaces. Highways Agency item No.159.

PPG – Sigma EP 112 Miocoat – Epoxy Coating

From £55.38
Sigma EP 112 miocoat is a durable, two component, high solids, micaceous iron oxide, pigmented polyamine, cured recoatable epoxy coating for steel and concrete structures.

PPG – Sigmadur 520

From £55.12
Sigmadur 520 is a two component high build semigloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish. –easy application by roller and airless spray –unlimited recoatable –excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure conditions –good colour and gloss retention (aluminium version becomes grey) –non-chalking, non-yellowing –cures at temperatures down to -5°C –tough and abrasion resistant –resistant to splash of mineral and vegetable oils, paraffins, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals –can be recoated even after long atmospheric exposure Best uses Sigmadur 520 semi gloss can be used in temperatures down to -5 degrees celsius. Suitable for sunlight exposure due to the non-yellowing features, this product is highly weather-resistant and can be applied using brush, spray or roller.

PPG – Sigmadur 550

Sigmadur 550 is by PPG is a high performing polyurethane paint for steel structures. Offers fantastic colour and gloss retention when exposed to UV light. Exterior Topcoat – Twin Pack, tough and flexible aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish Colours:  Can be tinted to any colour in BS, NCS and RAL colour ranges Finish:   Gloss