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Maker Coating – 2100 Aquastop

£86.65 Ex VAT
Stopaq 2100 Aquastop is a compound suited for sealing of pipe or cable wall inlets and hollow spaces against penetration of gases, moisture, standing water and running ground water leaks

Tor – TorVap VCL / CM

From £122.19
Aluminium faced, glass-fibre reinforced self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total vapour barrier.

Tor – Elastascrim Butyl Rubber Tape

From £16.15
A non-flammable butyl rubber based self-adhesive tape with a polymeric textile reinforcement protection fleece. Available Individually or in packs of 8

Tor – Elastamat Regular

£175.82 Ex VAT
Random weave chopped strand glass fibre mat (nominal 100g/m2) for the reinforcement of Tor liquid applied roof waterproofing systems.

Tor – Elastascrim FT

£131.22 Ex VAT
Tor Elastascrim FT (SS6000140) is a non-flammable, semi-elastic, putty-like butyl rubber based strip encapsulant/sealant. Supplied in roll form on siliconised paper release backing for use as a formable pre-coat encapsulant and sealant over roof sheet bolts etc. Also usable as a lap joint gap filler/sealer on sheeted (profile metal, fibre-cement etc) roofs etc. 6 rolls per box. Roll dimensions: 15 metres (L) x 50mm (W)

C-TEC – CT1 Sealant – Unique Construction Adhesive

From £12.09
CT1 Sealant by C-Tec is a waterproof, hybrid sealant and adhesive, for the occasional user and professional tradesman. CT1 sticks to almost any surface and can even be used in damp or wet conditions! Best uses
  • Sealing showers
  • Sealing bathtubs
  • Spouting
  • Guttering

Rustoleum – Epoxy Putty Filler

£37.21 Ex VAT
Rustoleum epoxy putty filler should be mix based and activated carefully with a filling knife, preferably not in the can but on a flat substrate alike a piece of hardboard. Apply a slight over-amount of the Epoxy Putty with a filling knife or trowel; after drying reshape the surface by abrading the excessive amount.

Rustoleum – Elastofill

From £6.05

Rustoleum Elastofill performs with high elasticity and can absorb strong expansions. Elastic, paintable jointing paste

An elastic, paintable jointing paste based on acrylic dispersions for sealing, jointing, filling.
  • Resistant to aging, weather & temperature variations
  • Waterproof
  • For sealing, jointing, fixing
  • Good adhesion
Best uses Use the Rustoleum Mathys Elastofill to recoat, fix and seal metal, glass, hard PVC, tiles and wood. This easy application product can be coated with various paint systems.

Rustoleum – Dacfill

From £8.20
Rustoleum Dacfill Waterproofing Membrane based on water-dispersed acrylic resins. This waterproofing system is designed for use on roofs and chimney slabs with a slope of 5% minimum.

Coo-Var – Floor Sealer Clear G136/T

£30.19 Ex VAT
Coo-Var Floor Sealer is ideal where a low-cost sealer is required. Best uses
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Metal and GRP

Arbo – Arbokol 1025 SP – Epoxy Sealant

Arbokol 1025 SP is a unique two part Epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard wearing seal, designed to accommodate small amounts of movement in extension but considerable movement in compression.

Arbo – Arbomeric MP20 – Polymer Sealant

Arbomeric MP20 is a one part high modulus modified polymer sealant.