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ScotchKote – Epoxy 175 UC

£200.00 £120.00 Ex VAT
Epoxy Coating 175-UC is a high build solvent-free epoxy novalac coating designed to provide outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures.

ScotchKote – Urethane Primer

£163.00 £95.00 Ex VAT
Scotchkote AP 670 Urethane Primer is a 2 pack, water based primer designed for use on weathered single ply roofing membranes

PPG – Amercoat 440 HS (Sigmadur 540)

£73.50 £45.00 Ex VAT
PPG 440 HS (formerly Amercoat 229, now Sigmadur 540) is a two component, high gloss, VOC compliant epoxy acrylic finish for almost any surface.

PPG – PSX 1001

£131.35 £60.00 Ex VAT
Sigma PSX 1001 is a single pack acrylic polysiloxane finish suitable for interior and exterior use to create a high performance glossy finish.

PPG – Amershield

£126.00 Ex VAT
Amershield is a two-component, polyester-acrylic aliphatic polyurethane topcoat. Amershield displays high gloss and excellent color and gloss retention during extended service periods.

PPG – PSX 700

£367.50 £150.00
PPG PSX 700 is a proven, patented technology that provides long-term protection, with application and system capabilities that can lower the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets.

Remmers – Alkutex BFA Remover

£25.00 £12.50 Ex VAT
Alkutex BFA is a bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal combination product for cleaning and priming building materials with and at risk of green discoloration

Remmers – Epoxy UV 100 TX

£175.00 £80.00 Ex VAT
Epoxy UV 100 TX is used as an adhesive and a fixation layer for Acolan Sediment Cover.

PPG – Amercoat 2143 (SigmaRite)

£89.25 £25.00 Ex VAT
PPG Amercoat 2143 (SigmaRite) makes a perfect street furniture coating for metal and is a durable vinyl finish for galvanised steel

PPG – Amercoat 450 S

£131.77 £50.00
Twin Pack, tough and flexible aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish

Mapei – Mape-Antique FC Civile

£21.94 £18.90
Salt-resistant, fine-grained natural hydraulic lime skimming mortar for a natural finish on render

Mapei – Mape-Antique FC Grosso

£25.60 £21.95
Salt-resistant, large-grained Natural hydraulic lime skimming mortar for a course finish.