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Teknos – Ferrex Aqua

£20.40£187.71 Ex VAT
Ferrex Aqua is a water-borne anticorrosive pigmented and corrosion inhibiting anticorrosive paint and adhesion primer.

Corroless – CCI Powder

£43.00£200.00 Ex VAT
CCI Powder by Corroless is a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI), offering a convenient and effective means of protecting against corrosion in enclosed areas.

PPG – Amerlock 400

£55.50£60.20 Ex VAT
Amerlock 400 by PPG is a two component high solids epoxy coating suitable for garage floors, walkways and other concrete and metal substrates. London Underground Approved - LuL APR No.1255

Coo-Var – Zinc Phosphate Primer

£25.20£47.01 Ex VAT
Coo-Var Zinc Phosphate Primer is a high performance, modified alkyd metal primer. It has very good anti-corrosive properties.

PPG – Sigma AquaCover 20

£71.60 Ex VAT
PPG Sigma AquaCover 20 is a one component, waterborne, high-build, zinc phosphate primer/coating for pre-treated steel.

Corroless – EPF

£120.60 Ex VAT
Corroless EPF is a Rust Stabilising Primer (epoxy) and has been a key product in the Corroless range for many decades and has a range of outstanding properties. It has an excellent track record on bridge maintenance painting projects where blast cleaning was impossible, and longer term performance was required.

Corroless – RF65

£114.80 Ex VAT
A two-component, glass reinforced, acrylic urethane, semi-gloss topcoat.  

Axalta – ViterSeal EA80 – High Gloss Finish

£84.84 Ex VAT
ViterSeal EA80 is a tough and durable gloss finish with good abrasion resistance and excellent gloss retention, using a modified acrylic, isocyanate-free polymer system.
  • Good resistance to mild chemicals
  • High solids to minimise VOC’s
  • Indefinitely overcoatable
  • Suitable for maintenance and new construction for urban, marine or industrial environments
  • Ideal for structural steelwork where isocyanates cannot be used
Best uses This product is ideal for use and maintenance on new construction within marine, industrial and urban environments.

Axalta – ViterLac ABV

£47.16 Ex VAT
ViterLac ABV is a high gloss finish coating, containing high build properties when applied by brush or spray. Formulated by Axalta, this product is ideal for structural steelwork.
  • Where a relatively fast drying high build gloss finish is required
  • Fast drying minimises dust contamination to give a durable high gloss finish
  • For use as a finish coat over ViterPrime 035 and other alkyd primers
  • For application by airless spray with a high degree of sag resistance for spraying on difficult configurations
  • Suitable for agricultural and earth moving equipment and general use

Axalta – ViterZinc 99 – Epoxy Primer

£135.14 Ex VAT
ViterZinc 99 Epoxy Zinc Rich is a two pack epoxy zinc rich primer for steelwork

Axalta – ViterWash T – Galvanising

£27.34 Ex VAT
ViterWash T is a single pack phosphoric acid etch solution for the preparation of fresh galvanised surfaces prior to painting. Best uses This high-quality product is used to etch bright, unweathered galvanised surfaces.

Axalta – ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer

£181.60 Ex VAT
ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer by Axalta is a two pack epoxy, high-solids, low-temperature curing surface tolerant aluminium primer.
  • Cures down to 2oC
  • Use as a rust inhibiting primer on hand prepared steel, or as a high build patch repair primer under most generic coating types
  • Excellent anticorrosive protection
  • Excellent ‘wetting’ properties for application to a manually prepared steel surface
  • Good chemical and solvent resistance
  • Use to upgradea conventional system to high performance epoxy/polyurethane
  • Can overlap onto aged, sound chlorinated rubber, vinyl or alkyd products
Best uses The ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer is perfect for use on steel substrates in heavy duty sectors.