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Rustoleum – Paracem Semi Matt

From £46.99
Rustoleum Paracem is a cladding and masonry paint, designed for external and internal application onto corrugated metal, masonry, cement rendering or plaster, concrete, plaster boards and wooden panels. Available in over 35,000 NCS, RAL and BS.4800 colours. Paracem is a microporous, water based, acrylic, dispersion substance for changing the colour of Plastisol Cladding or corrugated metal roofing.

Teknos – Siloksan Gel

£39.56 Ex VAT

Siloksan Gel is a water-borne gel containing polysiloxane for use together with Siloksan Facade Silicone Emulsion Paint on mineral surfaces (the Siloksan method). Saves from 1-3 separate primings and saves thus also application costs.

Available in 1L

Teknos – TeknosPro Binder Plus

From £32.44
TeknosPro Binder Plus is a water-borne, colourless, micro acrylic-based dust binder for floors, walls and ceilings in heated and cold spaces, as well as for concrete surfaces outdoors but protected from weather, such as car parks. The product has been classified in Emission Classification of building materials to Group M1.

Teknos – TeknosPro 5/7/10

From £29.36
Teknos TeknosPro 5/7/10 is an alkyd reinforced acrylate dispersion, full matt interior wall and ceiling paint for use on a multitude of standard building materials.

Teknos – Timantti Stop

From £14.18
Timantti Stop by Teknos is a water-borne alkyd based insulation primer for indoor use. Used for previously painted and unpainted soiled concrete, stopper and building board surfaces which can not be washed or otherwise cleaned before top coating.

Teknos – Timantti 3

From £9.07

Timantti 3 by Teknos is a water-borne acrylate dispersion primer for walls and ceilings indoors.

For priming unpainted concrete, plaster, filler, brick and building board surfaces. Timantti 3 can be used as an adhesion primer for wall and ceiling surfaces previously painted with alkyd or dispersion paints.

Teknos – Timantti 7

From £10.56

Timantti 7 by Teknos is a water-borne acrylate dispersion paint for walls and ceilings indoors.

Especially suited for use on walls and ceilings in dry and humid spaces where good washability and abrasion resistance is required.

Teknos – Timantti 20

From £10.44
Timantti 20 is a water-borne acrylate paint for walls and ceilings indoors. The paint is together with TIMANTTI W moisture sealer included in a coating system for wet rooms, approved by the Swedish Måleribranschens Våtrumskontroll (MVK).

Teknos – Siloksan Façade

From £27.50
Teknos Siloksan Façade is a water-borne, full-matt silicone emulsion based masonry paint for mineral surfaces. The paint is very permeable and water-repellent. It is free of solvents that contain aromatics.

Mapei – Silancolor Primer Plus

From £26.96
Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxanebased anti-mildew and anti-mould primer in watery emulsion, used to even out the absorption of substrates and make them suitable for painting with finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range.

Mapei – Silancolor Tonachino

Silancolor Tonachino is a silicone resin based plaster in paste form available in different grain sizes for “rustic” effect exterior finishings, suitable for walls requiring attractive textured finishing, excellent water repellence and vapour permeability

Johnstone’s Trade – Stormshield Pliolite

Johnstone’s Stormshield Pliolite® based Masonry Finish is a premium quality, solvent-based paint formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete.