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Maker Coating – High Quality Line Marking Paint

From £10.94
High Quality Line Marking Paint is a durable coating designed for use on roads, sport halls and a range of other surfaces.

Maker Coating – Epoxy Ester Floor Paint

From £6.66
Epoxy Ester Floor Paint is a single pack, semi-gloss, epoxy ester floor coating for general purpose and light traffic areas.

Teknos – Breplasta P/J/LF

From £3.87
The Breplasta products are a range of fillers suitable for a wide range of substrates from fibre board and plastic to concrete

Teknos – Helo 15/40/90

From £10.82
Teknos Helo is a fast drying solvent based varnish with good resistance properties. This varnish is suitable for varnishing all demanding woodwork indoors and outdoors. Available in 15%, 40% and 90% gloss levels.

Teknos – Helo Aqua 20/40/80

From £15.84
Teknos Helo Aqua is a single pack, polyurethane, water-borne special varnish based on polyurethane dispersion. For wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Available in 20%, 60% and 80% gloss levels.

Teknos – Futura 3

From £13.05
Teknos Futura 3 is a full matt multi-purpose alkyd primer that can be used both as primer, primer surfacer, adhesion primer and intermediate coating on a variety of wooden surfaces internally and externally and metal surfaces internally.

Teknos – Futura 15/40/90

From £13.35
Teknos Futura 15/40/90 is a high performance, solvent borne, quick-drying urethane alkyd paint with a matt/semi-gloss/ finish for the painting of interior wooden and primed metal furniture.

Webac – 150

From £26.80
WEBAC® 150 is a universally applicable PU injection foam resin, designed for the fast and temporary stopping of pressing water. The fast foam resin WEBAC® 150 is compatible with concrete, steel, masonry mortar, foil and cable sheathing. WEBAC PU fast foam resins are resistant to lyes, acids and salts detrimental to the building structure if their concentration usually found in building structures is not exceeded. To ensure permanent sealing of cracks, a secondary injection with PU injection resins is carried out.

Rustoleum – 4900 Polycoat 2K

From £22.81
4900 Polycoat 2K by Rustoleum is a quality transparent multi-purpose water based scratch-resistant topcoat suitable for interior and exterior use.

Teknos – Plantin 4545

From £80.95
Platin 4545 by Teknos is one of the most durable water-based lacquers on the market for interior wooden flooring. It provides a beautiful finish to parquet and other timber floors and is also suitable for kitchen worktops and wooden bathroom surfaces.

Boud – Polybead

Polycarbonate beads with reactive sites which allow it to form a copolymer matrix with epoxies, urethanes, polyesters and acrylics.

Boud – DKI Quartz Sand

From £3.50
DKI Quartz is a light coloured naturally rounded quartz, supplied as a standalone product. DKI Quartz is high quality quartz