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Maker Coating – Sanding Blocks

High quality sanding blocks, offered in both 60 grit and 100 grit

Maker Coating – Flexible Sanding Pads

Flexible denibbing sanding pad, available in 60 and 100 grit

Dronco – Hand Pads

£9.95 Ex VAT
Dronco non-woven fibre hand pads are ideal for cleaning, blending and finishing applications. They are supplied in packs of 10 to ensure they can get you through any project.

Dronco – Cleaning Fleece

£5.99 Ex VAT


Removal of old paint, rust and welding splatter without scratching the surface of the work-piece, cleaning and smoothing wood and plastic, polishing of stainless steel and removal of thermal bluing. Size: 115 x 22.2mm

Dronco – Backing Pad

£2.50 Ex VAT
BACKING PAD Safety when using fibre and semi-flexible discs. Good scratch pattern due to damping and flexibility of the backing

Dronco – Silicone Carbide Grinding Discs



Grinding of stone, mild steel and stainless steel, aluminium and plastic, care of hoofs (SC 24). Additive coated disc with silicon carbide. Backing pad necessary!

Ciret – Plastic EasyMask Cling Cover – Sheeting

£25.47 Ex VAT
  • Grips to walls & surfaces
  • Attracts paint overspray & dust
  • For painting, sanding & renovating jobs
Size:  2.47m x 121.92m (9ft x 400ft)    

Refina – Skid Leveller (24″)

£62.95 Ex VAT
24" Skid leveller with replaceable skids, adjustable stainless steel blades • Heavy gauge aluminium frame • Slotted stainless steel blade • Adjustable material depths (10mm-30mm) • Replaceable skids • Rust free

Ciret – Tape and Drape (7 Day Use)

£4.70 Ex VAT
Tape and drape for 7 day use is suitable for indoor usage. This product can be effectively used on extra smooth and slightly rough surfaces. Perfect for masking work where straight lines are needed on windows, woodwork and other surface edges to ensure an attractive and level finish. HDPE film with crepe tape.

Ciret – Snap-Off Knife

£1.02 Ex VAT
Snap-off blade for simple renewal of blunt blades Push and slide button to expose new blade which locks blade when released Built in snapper for safe removal of blunt blade

Ciret – Skeleton Caulking Gun

£2.95 Ex VAT
Pressure release trigger for reduced over-flow.

Ciret – Linbide Tungsten Scraper Blades (Pk 5)

£24.42 Ex VAT
50mm Tungsten Carbide Blades (pk 5) For use with the Lindbide Tungsten Scraper