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    Mapei - Eporip
    • Mapei - Eporip

    Mapei - Eporip

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    Mapei Eporip is a two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds.

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    Mapei Eporip is a two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds.
    Recommended Use
    • Monolithic construction joints between fresh and hardened concrete.
    • Bonding precast concrete elements.
    • Bonding steel to concrete.
    • Filling cracks in concrete.
    • Construction joints for the structural reinforcement of beams and pillars.
    • Construction joints on decayed industrial flooring.
    • Rigid, waterproof construction joints (e.g. concrete bed to tank walls).
    • Reinforcement of beams by means of the béton plaqué technique.
    • Sealing cracks in cement screeds.


    Eporip is a solvent-free epoxy adhesive consisting of two pre-measured components (component A = resin, component B = hardener) that have to be mixed before use.

    Eporip has the consistency of a slightly thixotropic paste that can be applied by brush on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Eporip polymerises without shrinkage and, after curing, is waterproof, possesses excellent dielectric properties and high mechanical characteristics in addition to its
    ability to bond concrete and steel.

    Eporip meets the requirements defined by EN 1504-9 (“Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity – General principles for the use of products”) and the minimum requirements claimed by EN 1504-4 (“Structural bonding”).

    Application Procedure

    Preparation of the substrate

    Before the application of Eporip, the substrate must be perfectly clean, solid and strong. All loose and crumbling parts, dust, cement laitance and
    traces of form-release oils and paint must be eliminated by careful sandblasting or brushing.

    When applying the product to metal, remove any rust and grease residues beforehand, preferably by means of sand-blasting to white metal.

    Preparing the mix

    The two Eporip components have to be mixed.

    Pour component B (white) into component A (grey) and mix with a trowel for small quantities or with a drill fitted with a low speed stirrer for large batches until the mix is perfectly smooth and even (the same grey all through).

    Do not use partial amounts to avoid the risk of accidental ratio errors that could prevent Eporip from curing. Applying the mix Eporip can be applied with a flat trowel or a brush on dry or slightly damp concrete. It is advisable to let the product penetrate well into particularly uneven and porous areas so as to ensure perfect adhesion to the whole surface being treated.The subsequent layer of fresh concrete must be placed within the open times according to the temperature indicated in the technical data table.

    When Eporip is used to seal cracks wider than 0.5 mm, simply placing is sufficient. In this case it is recommended to spread sand over the Eporip surface in order to favor bonding of product that may be applied subsequently. If the cracks are narrower than 0.5 mm, they have to be widened and then dusted well before repair work with Eporip. Do not use Eporip when the outside temperature of the substrate is lower than +5°C.


    Data sheet

    2kg & 10kg
    For Use On
    Application Method
    Brush or Trowel

    Specific References

    Data Sheets Available for Download:

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    Mapei - Eporip

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    Mapei - Eporip

    Mapei - Eporip

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