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Flexcrete - Cemprotec EF Primer

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Cemprotec EF Primer is used to stabilize and seal cementitious and asphalt floors prior to the application of the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings and mortars. It can overcome some inadequacies in surface preparation and helps minimize the risk of out-gassing from the substrate.

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Cemprotec EF Primer is a modified, styrene acrylic co-polymer impregnant with high penetration, which stabilizes and seals cementitious and asphalt substrates. It further increases the adhesion of Cemprotec cementitious coatings and mortars and prevents rapid drying and out-gassing at the concrete interface on porous and inadequately saturated backgrounds.


  • Material is ready to use and can be brush or roller applied in one coat.
  • Further increases the adhesion of Cemprotec Cementitious Coatings and Mortars.
  • Economic surface impregnant.

Surface Preperation

Concrete:Existing surfaces should be inspected thoroughly. The areas to be treated must be free from all unsound material, i.e. surface laitance, dust, oil, grease, organic growth or previous surface treatments, and smooth surfaces should be roughened. This can be achieved by using portable shot-blasting equipment (e.g. Blastrac) or other approved blasting or scarifying techniques.

Areas that are to receive a topping should be prepared using a scabbling or planing machine to give sufficient surface texture. Any remaining oil and grease contamination must be removed with a proprietary degreasant. In some instances of heavy contamination, it may be necessary to use hot compressed air equipment, flame spalling or steam cleaning techniques.


Existing asphalt must be inspected for defects. Any areas which have lost adhesion or blistered must be re-adhered or replaced. Any areas exhibiting sagging or slumping should be ironed out or replaced. Large cracks must be cleaned out and filled using a compatible material or heated and re-sealed. DO NOT OVERHEAT. If necessary, patch repairs should be carried out and allowed to cure prior to subsequent coating.

The surface should be prepared with a totally enclosed shot blasting technique or a surface planer/scaler to provide a good texture and to ensure that all surface contaminants are removed. Oil and grease contamination should be removed using powerful detergents in combination with high pressure water jetting. Areas of severe contamination should be cut out and filled with a Flexcrete repair mortar.


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Flexcrete - Cemprotec EF Primer

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Flexcrete - Cemprotec EF Primer

Tax excluded
£40.08 Tax incl.