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Parex - CS Grout

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CS Grout is a Portland cement based product giving high strength, good flow and non-shrink properties. Placed grout gives structural support and good vibration resistance.

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CS Grout is chloride free and can be safely used in contact with steel. The specialised mix design enables placement at low water content leading to good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption plus resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack. Placement thickness may be in the nominal range of 10mm to 100mm. For thicker sections 6mm Aggregate should be added at a rate of up to one to one Aggregate to CS Grout.

Instructions For Use


Pour 4.5 litres of clean water into the mixing vessel for each complete bag of CS Grout to be used. Slowly add the powder to the water whilst continually mixing. Mechanical mixing should be carried out using either a high torque slow speed drill with a Grout Stirrer or a grout mixer set on slow speed. (High speed or colloidal mixing will cause thixotropy leading to loss of flow.)


Grout should be placed within 20 minutes of mixing. Continuous placing is important, pouring from one side of the formwork until the grout appears at the opposite side of the grouting area. Do not disturb once grouting has been completed. CS Grout may be placed at temperatures between 5°C and 45°C. For placing at temperatures outside this range contact the Technical Service Department.


Placed grout, which is exposed, should be cured in accordance with good concrete practice including water spray and spray applied curing membrane.


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Parex - CS Grout

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Parex - CS Grout

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£15.59 Tax incl.