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Product Overviews

Concrete Repair Guide

Concrete Repair Product Guide Here at Maker Coating we provide thousands of different products, some of which can be used in concrete repair, in this guide we will be exploring the different types of concrete repair product, helping you find the right product for the job. Types Mortars Cementitious mortars can be utilized in the general

Product Overviews

Water & Damp Proofing

Water Resistant & Damp Proofing Products Did you know here at Maker Coatings we are suppliers of Damp and Waterproofing Products? Damp proofing or a Damp-Proof in construction is a type of moisture control applied to building walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces. Dampness problems are among the most

Product Overviews

Fire Preventative Paints: Comparison

Passive  Fire  Prevention Products Did you know here at Maker Coating we are suppliers of Intumescent Paints, Class 0 & Class 1 Spread of Flame products & devices? Utilizing proprietary software we can assist you in calculations in the loadings required to give you your prefered time protection. Simply send over any applicable drawings and information and

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