Established in 1975, Tor Coatings is a pioneer in the field of high performance, technologically advanced liquid coatings for the interior and exterior protection and decoration of buildings.

Within their extensive portfolio are specialist coatings designed to waterproof roofs and balconies, add fire and graffiti resistance to walls and protect hygiene areas from harmful bacteria.

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Tor – Unicover S & W

Unicover™ S and Unicover™ W have been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of architectural cladding.

Tor – UniCover Ultra

Unicover™ Ultra Roof and Cladding Finish has been specifically designed to provide a high performance and attractive finish for the refurbishment, decoration and protection of weathered roof and vertical sheet cladding.

Tor – Torcure PU885

£47.72 Ex VAT
Torcure PU885 is a single component polyurethane resin solution binder sealer for porous surfaces. This stabilising sealer and primer can be used on a wide range of substrates such as concrete, asphalt, bitumen, felt, asbestos, plaster, render, etc.

Tor – Transglaze

£123.92 Ex VAT
UV and weather stable elastomeric membrane for protection, refurbishment and upgrading of plastic rooflights.

Tor – Standard Urethane Thinners TH99

£31.52 Ex VAT
For the thinning (where necessary) of Tor Two pack and Moisture Cure Urethanes and for cleaning of the same materials from application equipment.

Tor – QD Thinners

£26.92 Ex VAT
For the thinning (where necessary) of Tor Quick Drying Machinery Primers and Finishes and for the cleaning of the same materials from application equipment.  Can also be used for degreasing metal components prior to painting.

Tor – TH0 Cleaning Solvent

£26.25 Ex VAT
A blend of dimethyly adipate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl succinate for cleaning of solvent based and solvent free materials from application equipment.


Tor – TorVap VCL / CM

From £122.19
Aluminium faced, glass-fibre reinforced self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total vapour barrier.

Tor – Elastascrim Butyl Rubber Tape

From £16.15
A non-flammable butyl rubber based self-adhesive tape with a polymeric textile reinforcement protection fleece. Available Individually or in packs of 8

Tor – Elastamat Regular

£175.82 Ex VAT
Random weave chopped strand glass fibre mat (nominal 100g/m2) for the reinforcement of Tor liquid applied roof waterproofing systems.

Tor – Elastascrim FT

£131.22 Ex VAT
Tor Elastascrim FT (SS6000140) is a non-flammable, semi-elastic, putty-like butyl rubber based strip encapsulant/sealant. Supplied in roll form on siliconised paper release backing for use as a formable pre-coat encapsulant and sealant over roof sheet bolts etc. Also usable as a lap joint gap filler/sealer on sheeted (profile metal, fibre-cement etc) roofs etc. 6 rolls per box. Roll dimensions: 15 metres (L) x 50mm (W)

Tor – Torstrip WDA10 Wash Down Agent

£41.62 Ex VAT
Torstrip WDA10 Wash Down Agent (SS4200005) is a blend of surfactants and detergents for the washing down of previously painted surfaces prior to application of paint systems.