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Resideck – Ultracrete

£100.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Ultracrete is a rapid curing, resin rich, three pack Epoxy Screed with exceptional resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols e.g. 96-99% Sulphuric acid, Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Methanol.

Resideck – Ultrascreed

£75.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Ultrascreed is a three pack Epoxy Resin based screed/render designed for application at 4-6mm thicknesses.

Resideck – UltraPrime

£42.00£90.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Ultraprime has been developed for use as aprimer to be used in conjunction with Resideck Ultracrete, and Ultrascreed.

Maker Coating – Extension Pole Brush Holder

£6.95 Ex VAT
Extension pole brush holder for use with our extension poles

Maker Coating – Finned Roller

£13.00£13.50 Ex VAT
Finned Roller, available in 140 x 22mm and 70mm x 30mm
  • Easy to use tool, limits spray back compared to paddle roller.
  • Effective on all glassfibre types
  • Ensure efficient air removal & consolidation
  • High grade aluminium
  • Heavy duty robust design, yet lightweight
  • Easily cleaned & long lasting
  • Avoid excessive pressure, can tear fabric due to vertical fin.

Maker Coating – Metal Paddle Mixer

£2.95£5.95 Ex VAT
Metal mixer with hexagonal socket. For use with paint, tile adhesive and plaster. Blending capacity 10 kg.

Maker Coating – Aluminium Disc Roller

£7.80 Ex VAT
Aluminium Disc Rollers are manufactured from solid aluminium and have a secure Star-Clip fixing.
  • Special roller used to press the fibres and resin into the corners of a mould to create definition
  • Suitable for all resins and glass fibre fabrics
  • Long and slender for hard to reach areas
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents

Maker Coating – Spiked Roller & Frame

£9.95£19.95 Ex VAT
High quality spiked roller, with aluminium frame, available in 18cm & 40cm

Maker Coating – Sanding Blocks

£0.50 Ex VAT
High quality sanding blocks, offered in both 60 grit and 100 grit

Maker Coating – Flexible Sanding Pads

£0.50 Ex VAT
Flexible denibbing sanding pad, available in 60 and 100 grit

Maker Coating – Plastic Paint Stirrer

£0.50 Ex VAT
Quality plastic paint stirrer, perfect for the mixing process

Maker Coating – Economy Brush

£0.55£1.08 Ex VAT
100% tapered synthetic bristle, no glue used. No hair loss. For all types of coating. Multiple use and easy to clean.