Ciret Ltd manufacturers and suppliers of quality painting and decorating products. They provide expert solutions to the trade and retail industry. Their wide range of products allows both contractors and DIY enthusiasts to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish their decorating projects

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Ciret – Pole Adapter

£0.58 Ex VAT
Adapter for our extension poles
Fits our aluminium extension poles. Changes a screw fitting to a push fitting for use with 'push fit' frames.

Ciret – Steel Extension Pole

£2.12 Ex VAT
1200mm (4") Fixed length with screw-fit lightweight steel pole connector. Suitable for Aluminium Pole Sander Head (14085010). For use with screw fit pole sander.  

Ciret – Wire Brush

£2.26 Ex VAT
Hardened steel 4-row wire brush for heavy duty scraping.
For preparatory work, removing rust, scale, old paintwork and pointing. Quality hardened, tempered steel bristles.

Ciret – Contractor Brush

£2.18£5.35 Ex VAT
Handle - Kaiser Ferrule - Stainless steel Ideal uses - All paints & varnishes

Ciret – Plastic EasyMask Cling Cover – Sheeting

£25.47 Ex VAT
  • Grips to walls & surfaces
  • Attracts paint overspray & dust
  • For painting, sanding & renovating jobs
Size:  2.47m x 121.92m (9ft x 400ft)    

Ciret – All Rounder Paint Brush

£1.54£3.04 Ex VAT
The All Rounder Paint Brush is a quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle. Use with all paints and varnishes for excellent paint coverage. Learn more.

Ciret – Tape and Drape (7 Day Use)

£4.70 Ex VAT
Tape and drape for 7 day use is suitable for indoor usage. This product can be effectively used on extra smooth and slightly rough surfaces. Perfect for masking work where straight lines are needed on windows, woodwork and other surface edges to ensure an attractive and level finish. HDPE film with crepe tape.

Ciret – Snap-Off Knife

£1.02 Ex VAT
Snap-off blade for simple renewal of blunt blades Push and slide button to expose new blade which locks blade when released Built in snapper for safe removal of blunt blade

Ciret – Scuttle Liners

£5.55 Ex VAT
Saves time on cleaning up Tie tops for easier use and to keep paint fresh overnight Enables faster colour changes and prolongs kettle and scuttle life Suitable for oil and water based paints

Ciret – Scuttle

£3.97 Ex VAT
Durable strong plastic with measuring scale Ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers

Ciret – Heavy Duty Concept Roller Tray

£2.84 Ex VAT
Heavy duty plastic with ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers Deeper tray for increased paint holding capacity

Ciret – Mini Plastic Roller Tray 4″

£0.76 Ex VAT
Durable plastic with ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers