Their coatings are virtually everywhere. Axalta’s passion has made the world more colourful for more than 150 years. Their coatings are used on small and large surfaces, from cosmetic compacts and alternators, to helmets, guitars, race cars, rollercoasters, playgrounds, and skyscrapers.

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Axalta – Viterfloor EEF

From £39.90
A single pack, semi-gloss, epoxy ester floor coating for general purpose and light traffic areas. Anti-slip option available with the addition of anti-slip aggregate

Axalta – Viterclene C

£76.20 Ex VAT
Viterclene C single pack of bio-degradable detergent wash for the efficient removal of dirt, oil or grease.

Axalta – Viterclad Bonding Coat

£68.75 Ex VAT
Viterclad Bonding Coat is a modified two pack epoxy adhesion and stabilizing primer, specially formulated for the maintenance and repair of architectural cladding.

Axalta – Vitertherm HT 600

From £86.46
Vitertherm HT 600 has good petrol and oil resistance and shows good performance in salt spray and humidity testing. It has good adhesion when applied over zinc silicate primers. It is available in Black and Silver and has a semi-gloss finish.

Axalta – ViterFloor 300

From £67.85
A two pack epoxy, solvent free, high build coating for concrete floors. Product Notes
  • Priming: apply over ViterFloor 400 primer/sealer – consult relevant Product Data Sheet for details
  • Anti-slip: dependent on the degree of anti-slip required, aggregate can be broadcast onto the wet coating surface and allowed to dry. Surplus nonadhering particles should then be brushed off and further coats of ViterFloor 300 applied (if required) to encapsulate the particles. Please note that the higher the degree of anti-slip, the lower the ease of cleaning will be
  • Do not apply or cure below 5oC, temperatures above 10oC recommended

Axalta – ViterFloor 400

From £13.00
A two pack epoxy, solvent free clear primer/sealer for concrete floors. Can be mixed with fine filler and used as a ‘filled primer’.  

Axalta – ProtegaClad 50 & 50

Protegaclad 50 & 50 (L) is recommended for the maintenance of Corus Colorcoat HP200 and HPS200 cladding.
  • Expected system lifetime up to 15 years (depending on exposed environment and shade).
  • Suitable for PVF2, Silicone Polyester & Polyester Cladding when applied over ProtegaClad Bonding Coat.
  • Suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments.
  • Tough, durable finish combining abrasion resistance with outstanding colour and sheen retention.
  • Good cleaning properties for ease of building maintenance.
  • Cures at sub-zero temperatures and has good climatic tolerance.
  • Tolerant of slight surface moisture during application.
  • Easy to apply by spray, brush or roller and in many instances a single coat is sufficient.
  • Indefinitely re-coatable with self or ProtegaClad 50.
  • EPA compliant.

Axalta – Protegaclad – Bonding Coat

Axalta Coating Systems (formerly Spencer Coatings Group) Protegaclad Bonding Coat is recommended for the maintenance of architectural cladding
  • Wide colour range to suit all finishing shades.
  • Specifically formulated for adhesion to stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanising, aluminium, PVF2, silicone polyester and other cladding types.
  • Functions as an adhesion bond coat and anticorrosive primer/sealer for metal substrates.
  • Recoatable with ProtegaClad top coats plus a selected range of other topcoats
  • Cures down to 0oC and is tolerant of slight surface moisture during application.
  • Suitable for use as a blast/holding primer on blast cleaned cladding substrates.

Axalta – ViterFloor – Line Marking Paint

ViterFloor Line Marking Paint is a durable, good drying line marking paint for use within sports facilities, roads, floors, car parks and other flooring sectors.

Axalta – Viterfloor Acid Etch – Clear Solution

£27.20 Ex VAT
ViterFloor Acid Etch is a high-quality etching solution for concrete, developed by Spencer Coatings. A method of removing laitance prior to painting Generally used where vacuum blasting is impractical Use only with thin film flooring systems Best uses
  • For use in areas that are too small or difficult to vacuum blast
  • For use with conventional or thin film flooring systems with low mechanical wear
  • Not recommended for high build solvent free systems which are subject to heavy wear

Axalta – Viterthane PLV – Gloss Finish

Viterthane PLV by Axalta is a two pack recoatable polyurethane gloss finish for use on protective systems for steelwork.
  • An aliphatic polyurethane providing a tough and durable gloss finish together with excellent gloss and colour retention
  • Excellent chemical resistance and low temperature curing down to -5ºC
  • Withstands dry heat up to 150ºC (discolouration may occur)
  • Use as a site or shop applied finish
  • Easily cleaned gloss surface
Best uses This finishing coat should be applied over an intermediate coating or appropriate primer. Use Viterthane PLV on structural steelwork within heavy duty sectors. Browse a range of RAL and BS colours here at Maker Coating Online.

Axalta – ViterFloor 1105 Acrylic Sealer

  • Use on concrete floors in light traffic areas to stop dusting and dirt retention and to ease cleaning
  • Rapid drying and gives a protective, translucent finish
  • Resistant to petroleum spirit and lubricating oils
  • Stops water penetration on exterior driveways and therefore reduces freeze-thaw damage
  • Can be applied by brush or roller with little wastage