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    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus
    • Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus

    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus

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    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus is a transpirant, water-repellent, anti-mildew and mould hygienising siloxane based masonry paint for internal and external surfaces.

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    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus is a transpirant, water-repellent, anti-mildew and mould hygienising siloxane based masonry paint for internal and external surfaces.

    Compatible with Mapei Silancolor Plus Primer and Mapei Silancolor Cleaner Plus, Mapei Silancolor Plus Paint is a water repellent, transpirant, and mould and algae resistant.

    Best Uses

    Mapei Silancolor Plus Masonry Paint is ideal for painting walls which are particularly prone to the destructive action of algae, mould and fungi to form a long lasting protective coat on the substrate towards such micro organisms. The treatment of the walls is particularly long lasting due to the water repellent and breathable properties of the paint. Ideal for painting façades, including north facing facades, and painting bathrooms and kitchens. Highly reisstant to alkalis, washing cycles, UV rays and ageing.


    Silancolor Paint Plus is particularly resistant to the growth of algae, mould and fungi. It may be used to paint walls which already have a problem with such micro-organisms, after a preliminary cleaning treatment to remove them from the surface, or as a preventative measure for painting buildings in particularly damp environments, where the growth of such organisms is more prolific.

    A typical application is on north-facing walls, which are particularly prone to the growth of mildew due to the these walls being damper and cold. Silancolor Paint Plus is a silicone resin-based paint in water dispersion, and apart from the aforementioned properties, it also possesses other advantages normally associated with this kind of product, that is, extremely high water-repellence and good permeability to vapour.

    Unlike normal synthetic paints, it forms a thin porous film on the surface rather than a coat. Also, the use of special silicone resins means that water is unable to penetrate, to guarantee that the wall remains dry under all conditions. The double, synergic action of Silancolor Paint Plus, performed by the special components contained in the paint, eliminates all the environmental causes which normally favour the growth of micro-organisms and therefore offers excellent protection for the façade. Silancolor Paint Plus contains an anti-mould and anti-algae agent.

    Silancolor Paint Plus, used in conjunction with Silancolor Primer Plus and, where necessary, with Silancolor Cleaner Plus, forms a complete, efficient protective system, which is able to offer a long-lasting means of defence for the surface. Silancolor Paint Plus bonds perfectly to all types of conventional and de-humidifying renders and to old, well-bonded paintwork. Its water-repellent properties protect the substrate from chemical attack, attracts very little dirt, is highly resistant to the washing effect of rainwater and is very hard-wearing.

    Silancolor Paint Plus is highly resistant to alkalis, washing cycles, UV rays and ageing, and maintains its characteristics for a very long period of time. Apart from its protective properties, Silancolor Paint Plus leaves an attractive finish and gives a smooth, opaque surface which is velvety to the touch.

    Application Procedure

    Preparing the substrate

    New surfaces or surfaces which have been patched with repair mortar must be well cured, perfectly clean, sound and dry. Completely remove all traces of oil or grease from the surface and areas which are not well attached. If present, eliminate all traces of algae, mould and fungi. They must only be removed while damp, that is, after the surface has been thoroughly cleaned with Silancolor Cleaner Plus.

    Apply Silancolor Cleaner Plus to the entire surface using a low-pressure, manual spray gun or with a brush. Let the product penetrate into the surface, and then wait for a few minutes while the cleaning action takes place. Remove the algae, mould and fungi with a brush. Repeat this operation a number of times, and apply Silancolor Cleaner Plus continuously to help it to penetrate deep down.

    Seal any cracks which are present and repair the parts which are in poor condition. Seal off the porosity and smooth off any uneven areas in the substrate with mortars and smoothing compounds from the MAPEI Building Products line. Apply Silancolor Primer Plus on the dry, cured substrate, and after 12-24 hours apply Silancolor Paint Plus.

    Preparing the product

    Dilute Silancolor Paint Plus with 15-20% of water, making sure that the product is well-blended by using a low-speed drill if necessary. If only a part of the product is to be prepared, stir the Silancolor Paint Plus in its original container before pouring off the quantity required.

    Applying the product

    Apply Silancolor Paint Plus using traditional techniques with a brush, a roller, by air-spraying or with an airless spray-gun system on top of a coat of dry Silancolor Primer Plus primer. The protection cycle requires at least two coats of Silancolor Paint Plus. Under normal humidity and temperature conditions, wait 24 hours between each coat.


    Data sheet

    Siloxane Paint
    Tintable to many colours
    For Use On
    Application Method
    Brush, Roller & Spray
    Recoat Time (20°c)

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    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus

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    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus

    Mapei - Silancolor Pittura Plus

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    £78.46 Tax incl.
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