Shopping Centre & Car Park Maintenance

Shopping Centres and car parks need to look attractive and be safe at all times. Makers is able to resolve issues such as leaking atrium roofs, leaking flat roof, we can match terrazzo in our fast cure resin system………..

and can provide anti slip. We are also able to reinstate expansion joints, apply area marking and lining in both water based, epoxy and MMA materials as well as fast torch on lines, symbols and letters in various colours. Additionally we can supply specialised fast setting adhesives which allow rapid setting of kerbs in car parks which  removes the need to saw and channel cut the existing surface to bed traditional kerbs. Simply sweep the dust and debris away and bed the kerbs in using an innovative rapid set polyester mortar. set time is 20 minutes @ 25 degrees C.

Speak to us on 01392 822600 to find out how we can help you with your Shipping Centre or Car Park maintenance or refurbishment project.