Emergency Services

Maker Coating systems is active in the maintenance and refurbishment of the facilities of our emergency services. Whether you need anti corrosion work undertaken on fire drill training towers or an easily cleanable, chemically resistant floor in the equipment garage of the fire Makers can help.

in such situations fast back to service and a long life expectancy of is of the essence, thereby reducing down time and increasing the period between maintenance programs. Makers is able to help resolve leaks in flat roofs, leaks in gutters, repair and improve plant room floors, slip resistant, waterproof resin floors in fire engine or ambulance garages. Even in police cells we are able to help with anti pick mastic, floors designed to meet the needs of the custody Sargents’, the cleaners’, the maintenance managers and the detainees within the custody units.

Speak to us on 01392 822600 to find out how we can help you with your Emergency Services maintenance or refurbishment project.