Industrial Facilities

Maker Coating Systems will supply specifications and products to resolve maintenance and refurbishment problems throughout industrial manufacturing sites.

It is important to match any maintenance product with the process in order to protect the integrity of the asset. For example, with bund lining, the correct coating must be specified in order to stop attack by aggressive chemicals. Correctly specifying materials will reduce leaks into the environment should the main containment tank suffer a failure. Such failure could be through corrosion, accident or human error. Loss of production and possible fines from the Environment Agency far out weighs the cost of maintaining a bund. Maker Coating Systems specialises in resolving these types of issues typically at costs that are reasonable. Resolving issues where chemicals have a high or a low pH or where the temperatures on aggressive chemicals are elevated from ambient temperatures is not easy.

Maker Coating Systems can supply little known products such as acid detecting paint, temperature reducing coatings or colour indicating paint. All our products are available for purchase through our web shop or through giving us a call.

Speak to us today on 01392 822600 to find out how we can help you with your industrial maintenance or refurbishment project.