Highways & Bridge Maintenance

Most of our work in the Highway and Bridge maintenance sector consists of anti-corrosion work where the client is looking for a long lasting system.

In the majority of cases the provision of labour, preparation of the substrate (using either manual or mechanical means), access and the cost of closing roads and bridges is extremely expensive. Maker Coating Systems Ltd only supplies products that are able to help contractors meet the demanding time scales required to quickly put the asset back into operation. The ability to apply onto cold or damp substrates together with an extended life expectancy of the systems offered, all help to reduce the through life costs associated protecting an asset. Makers are able to supply both Highways Agency and Rail Track approved systems as well as other systems that will give longer life expectancy than the approval certificates of both Rial Track and Highways agency.

Additionally we are able to provide specifications, concrete repair materials, anti-carbonation products, Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors, Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors, epoxy and polyester repair mortars, fast set bedding mortars, rocking manhole repair kits, pot hole repair and many other products that will reduce the down time of a bridge or a highway.

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