Contractor Supply

Thousands of Products at low prices. Just a few of the categories are listed below

  • 1K & 2k Epoxy & Polyurethane floor coatings.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings,
  • concrete repair materials,
  • liquid applied roofing,
  • water based & solvent based cladding materials,
  • flooring resins and self levellers

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Industrial Facilities

Maker Coating Systems will supply specifications and products to resolve maintenance and refurbishment problems throughout industrial manufacturing sites.

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Shopping Centre & Car Park Maintenance

Shopping Centres and car parks need to look attractive and be safe at all times. Makers is able to resolve issues such as leaking atrium roofs, leaking flat roof, we can match terrazzo in our fast cure resin system………..

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Emergency Services

Maker Coating systems is active in the maintenance and refurbishment of the facilities of our emergency services. Whether you need anti corrosion work undertaken on fire drill training towers or an easily cleanable, chemically resistant floor in the equipment garage of the fire Makers can help.

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Water Industry

Makers can supply and oversee the application of specialist DWI and WRAS approved products. Ranging from anti corrosion, to concrete repair, leak resolution via injection with technical PU’s or epoxies.

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Health Care

Maker coating systems provide a full range or products and services to meet the needs of both small and large healthcare organisations.

In addition to providing a comprehensive assortment of products suitable for use in hospitals, doctors surgeries and hospices, we also provide products and services for the industrial services areas within these units.

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Schools & Universities

Schools and Universities have a very diverse need for specialist products ranging from epoxy grouts to emergency roof and gutter repairs to interior anti bacterial wall coatings.

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Social Housing

Maker Coating Systems specialises in the supply and application of ultra rapid curing floor resins throughout social housing projects.

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