Case Studies

Kawasaki Floors 300m2

Makers was contracted to coat the loading bay floors at Kawasaki Plymouth

Given some of the problems Kawasaki experienced with other contractors applying their coatings, Makers was asked to specify and manage the application of a heavy duty resin floor containing anti slip additive. The client was not prepared to install a 6mm – 9mm screed given that the thresholds on entry to the loading bay would bay been affected. The client also wanted us to undertake as little preparation as possible due to the real possibility of┬ádust contamination to the precision machinery they produce.

Before we specified a system we undertook pull off tests to determine if we could use a super adhesive primer designed for power floated floors or we had to grind. The results determined that we had to grind to provide the longest life in the loading bay.

Once the bay was ground, we used a two pack water based epoxy primer followed by two coats of solvent free epoxy at 300 microns per coat.